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Leadership Transition: An individual assuming a new leadership role by promotion or recruitment.

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Huge costs of failing Leadership Transitions

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The Leadership Transition Institute
is a nonpartisan think tank dedicated
to improving the economic and human outcomes related to leadership transition
at private, public, and governmental organizations globally.

Founded by CEB in collaboration
with leading academic institutions,
the Institute serves as a platform for
collaboration among elite researchers
and practitioners.

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Leadership transitions occur more
frequently than ever before. And given today's increased pressure for efficiency
and quick wins, these transitions are more risky and complex, with more potential for failures than previously understood.

The cost of these ineffective leadership transitions easily balloons to millions of dollars over extended time horizons.
Despite this, leadership transitions remain
a significantly under-researched area.

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The Institute engages in a highly
collaborative research process
where our partners actively shape
the agenda. Our partners include
some of the most well-published and
pre-eminent researchers in their
field of study.

The Institute's research partners
collaborate regularly with the goal
of advancing the study of leadership transitions.

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